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Quartet FS Opens Access to ActivePivot Analytics Engine

Quartet FS has opened access to its ActivePivot in-memory analytics engine by adding support for a number of non-proprietary front-end user interfaces to the software. As an alternative to the...
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Basel Committee Publishes Definitive Principles for Risk Data Aggregation and Reporting

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has published ‘Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting’, a final document based on an earlier version of the principles issued in...
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Thomson Reuters Joins Fatca Fray with Modular Compliance Solution

Thomson Reuters has joined the growing group of vendors providing compliance solutions for the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) that came into effect on January 1. Its offer is a modular...

A-Team Video with Eccleston on S&P Capital IQ's Vision for R2, QuantHouse and CMA in 2013 – and Beyond

Lou Eccleston, President of S&P Capital IQ, talks to A-Team's Andrew Delaney about the company's recent spate of corporate acquisitions, which saw the addition of risk specialist R2, ultra low-...
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Volksbank Employs MXG Team for Misys to Murex Migration

Volksbank Ősterreich is working with Murex system integrator MXG Team to migrate its trading and risk management activities from Misys Summit and Kondor+ platforms to a single Murex 3.1 MXpress...
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Australia’s ASIC Taps First Derivatives Big Data Solution for Market Surveillance

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)’s selection of First Derivatives’ Delta Stream+ Market Surveillance solution is aimed at giving the regulator the same kinds of tools...

Webinar Recording: Ideas at the Edge - Managing Risk Information in the Siloed Enterprise

Risk management has been accepted as the new imperative for financial institutions of all types and sizes.

Towards On-Demand Risk & Enterprise Analytics

The stick of regulation and the carrot of serious competitive advantage are driving the shift toward intra-day, on-demand analysis of risk and other business indicators. But the complexity of today’s...

Emerging Technology Approaches: Big Data, Cloud, Grid and In-Memory

Managing enterprise-wide data for trading and risk applications is being made easier by new technologies and approaches. Big Data technologies in particular are solving issues of data velocity,...
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Getting a Grip on Fragmented Risk Data - A Holistic Approach to Risk Information

This white paper is based on primary research by A-Team interviewing senior IT and Data Strategy managers at tier 1 and tier 2 banks.