White Paper

BCBS 239: An Urgent Call to Overhaul Risk Data Management

As the January 2016 deadline for compliance with BCBS 239 approaches, banks are making substantial data management changes in order to meet the regulation’s requirement for on-demand enterprise-wide...
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Solving the Operational Risk Management Puzzle

Operational risk management has emerged as a major challenge as a slew of regulations affecting financial institutions across the board – from universal banks to insurance companies and their asset...
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Uncover the Biggest Compliance Challenges for International Businesses

When an international business has to satisfy compliance across the globe, it must pay careful attention to both the rules and the cultures in which it is operating. The financial crisis has...
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Data, the Key to Unlocking Solvency II

Coined as the “Basel for insurers”, the European Union’s Solvency II Directive is not simply one regulation among many. Solvency II will impact not only insurance companies but also the whole of the...
Special Report

Webinar Recording & Special Report: Regulation and Risk as Data Management Drivers

A-Team Group recently held a webinar on the topic of Regulation and Risk as Data Management Drivers.
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Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) – There’s More to LEs Than Meets the I

Firms everywhere remain under sustained regulatory pressure to reduce systemic risk, in part through the improvement of their view of counterparty risk. At the same time, the ongoing economic climate...
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Data Management – a Finance, Risk and Regulatory Perspective

With financial institutions acquiring international businesses – whether through mergers-and-acquisitions activity or organic growth – crossborder trading and investment has become the norm. But with...
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Getting a Grip on Fragmented Risk Data - A Holistic Approach to Risk Information

This white paper is based on primary research by A-Team interviewing senior IT and Data Strategy managers at tier 1 and tier 2 banks.
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Outsourced Corporate Actions Validation

Industry leading financial institutions are reaping operational benefits and avoiding significant unnecessary financial exposures by ensuring the quality and the timeliness of their corporate actions...
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A Model for Data Governance - Does Your Organization Really Have One?

The current focus on new regulations, and their impact on risk management practices, has turned the attention of financial institutions to data. It is increasingly evident that accurate and...