iMeta Technologies Renames Assassin as the iMeta CLM Platform, to More Clearly Describe What it Does and Convey its Value as an End-to-End Solution

News Wire

iMeta Technologies, a provider of onboarding and client lifecycle management software, has renamed their software product to better reflect the company’s offering. iMeta’s platform has developed and expanded recently, and the new name ‘iMeta CLM’ reinforces how the platform works to deliver optimal data performance when managing the total lifecycle of the clients within global financial institutions; enabling them to automate and manage the complex regulatory and operational data required to transact with their customers.

The product renaming is the next step in iMeta's evolution and expansion into a multi-product company that offers a flexible onboarding and client lifecycle management solution; a growth strategy that has been in the works for several years.

“Assassin was launched in 2005 and the name reflected its purpose as an SSI Management Platform. Since then we’ve made the journey from this initial offering to something much bigger. Today we offer a complete end-to-end client lifecycle management platform, so firms can manage their operational data and regulatory demands,” said Ben Marsh, CEO, iMeta. “iMeta CLM is designed as a configurable platform, where you can invest in the elements that solve your specific business needs. We’re now updating our product brand names for consistency, to better communicate what our products do and reinforce how they are part of our modular iMeta CLM offering.”

The modules renamed within iMeta CLM include:

iMeta KYC – Enables financial firms to meet the ever changing regulatory needs for KYC compliance, from initial onboarding through to rolling due diligence.

iMeta Credit & Legal – Supports the Credit Team by enforcing rules and workflows to build out credit hierarchies. Ensures the correct data and documents requirements can be enforced to comply with relevant regulations.

iMeta SSI – Provides banks/broker dealers with a central repository of standing settlement instruction data that minimises operational risks and trade breaks through comprehensive and flexible data validation.

iMeta Legal Entity Manager – Enables financial institutions to source and maintain data on the entities they need to support their business activities from an operational and regulatory perspective.

iMeta Connectivity - A data integration layer that firms can use to connect their in-house systems to a variety of industry and vendor client and entity data sources.