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Blockchain: Are we nearly there yet?

By Joshua Satten, Director of Business Consulting, Sapient Global Markets Recently, I led a panel discussion on blockchain case studies at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (...
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2017 – The Year of Data

2017 may be the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese calendar, but in the capital markets calendar it is the Year of Data – data that will drive regulatory compliance, business transformation, client...
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ANNA Derivatives Service Bureau Operator Etrading Details Proposed ISIN Fees for OTC Derivatives

The fee model proposed for ISINs issued for OTC derivatives by the Association of National Numbering Agencies’ Derivatives Service Bureau (ANNA DSB) suggests an implied fee of €0.5 for the creation...
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Second Chance at Solvency II Shows Why We’re All in This Together

By Ashley Smith, senior vice president of business development, Silverfinch Who doesn’t wish for a chance to have a second shot at something? How often do we muse about rerunning the botched job...
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Expert Advice on Integrating Entity Data Hierarchies, Sanctions and KYC Processes

Integrating entity data hierarchies with sanctions and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements can be problematic, but getting it right can deliver significant business and operational benefits.The...
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ICE Clear U.S. Recognized as Third-Country Central Counterparty Under EMIR

Intercontinental Exchange, a leading operator of global exchanges and clearing houses and provider of data and listings services, today announced that ICE Clear U.S. was recognized by the European...

Book Webinar Now: Driving business value from the LEI

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) has become a viable standard to help financial institutions identify business entities that are party to financial transactions and fulfil regulatory obligations for...
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ANNA DSB Opens Industry Consultation on Product Committee Work

With the publication of the DSB Product Committee Phase 1 consultation document, the Association of National Numbering Agencies today launched the industry consultation related to the work of the...

Book Webinar Now: New approaches to mapping symbologies

The complexity of mapping multiple symbologies can be a data management nightmare that is not only difficult, but also costly, time consuming and prone to error. Open source symbologies seek to...

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