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The implementation of data lineage is complex but necessary, driven by regulation such as BCBS 239 and internal needs to gain a better understanding of risk, reduce systems complexity and eliminate duplicate data and processes. The webinar will discuss the essential elements of data lineage, how they can be implemented, and the beneficial outcomes of a successful and sustainable data lineage programme.

Join the webinar to find out about:

  • Requirements for data lineage
  • Data and management issues
  • Metadata in data lineage
  • Supporting technology
  • Business benefits


Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group

Johann van Biljon, Data Governance Specialist, Rabobank

James Longstaff, Vice President, Deutsche Bank

Olivier Kenji Mathurin, Head of Strategic Research, AIM Software

More About Our Speakers:

Johann van Biljon
Data Governance Specialist

Data professional with over 20 years experience in management consulting specialising in Data Governance and IT strategy. Currently working in the Data Management Office of Rabobank responsible for the implementation of an integrated data management platform covering deliverables such as Data Quality, Data Lineage, Key Controls as well as a Business Information Model.

James Longstaff
Vice President
Deutsche Bank

Data professional with over 20 years experience spanning audit, reference data, trading and market risk data, financial reporting, and data architecture. Currently working in the Chief Data Office of Deutsche Bank and privately pursuing interests in data visualisation, a recent project being a web-based tool to visualise data lineage.

Olivier Kenji Mathurin
Head of Strategic Research
AIM Software

Olivier has over 10 years of experience in enterprise data management. Olivier’s background is as a consultant and project manager in master data management and data governance programs for global businesses, with the majority of his career focused in the financial industry. As Head of Strategic Research, he works with the AIM’s community of users to investigate industry challenges, and develop new products solving them.

Olivier holds a MSc. degree from the University of Technology of Compiègne.


* Any comments made by James Longstaff on the webinar are personal observations on capturing and presenting Data Lineage

* Any comments made by Johan van Biljon on the webinar are personal observations and are not necessarily aligned with that of Rabobank

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