GLEIF Seeks Applicants from the UK, Switzerland, China and India to Join Board of Directors

Blog entry

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is calling for applications from C-suite level executives in the UK, Switzerland, China and India to join its board of directors. New board members will be appointed in June 2019 in line with the mandatory rotation of members of the board and to ensure the right balance of jurisdictional representation.

To ensure the balance of sectors and skills represented on the board, two candidates will be selected for their knowledge of data standards, operations and/or technology for the digital economy. One candidate will be selected from a non-financial sector, in this case the supply chain and logistics sector, and one from the financial sector, preferably the banking sector and with an extensive knowledge of Know Your Customer (KYC), trade finance and correspondent banking.

The term of office for a board member is three years, renewable for a second term of three years. To achieve more diversity in the board of directors, the GLEIF is encouraging female candidates to apply. All applicants should have contacts with the leaders and/or regulators in their industry and/or jurisdiction in order to serve as effective ambassadors for the GLEIF.

Details of the application process to join the board of the GLEIF can be found here. Applications must be submitted by Monday February 11, 2019.