NSE of India Implements ITRS Geneos for Pattern-Based Analysis and 'Early Warnings' Across Global IT Estate‏

News Wire

ITRS Group has announced the successful implementation of its real-time monitoring software, Geneos, across the National Stock Exchange of India's (NSE) global IT operations as part of a wider project to ensure it remains at the technological forefront of the region’s securities industry.

The implementation of ITRS Geneos forms a key part of the NSE's strategic objective to pioneer technological advances and streamline its complex operations, keeping it ahead of the huge recent regulatory reform in the Asian securities market. The NSE has recently set up facilities that serve as a model for the securities industry in terms of systems, practices and procedures.

The IT operations support team were keen to increase availability of business critical systems and improve visibility to the business of the service they provide. This required a move to a centralised tool to generate one source of trusted information, and real-time views across the entire IT estate. The team is using the same underlying data to generate pattern-based analytics and tailored views for the different user groups.

Mr G Shenoy, CTO-Operations, NSE says: "ITRS Geneos gives us an early warning system so that we can easily detect any failures or anomalies within our deep technological infrastructure. We’ve already seen this in action multiple times.”

"This was a great project for our Professional Services team to get involved in", says Guy Warren, CEO, ITRS. "While we have many clients using Geneos across various departments within their business to monitor their full IT stack, the NSE is our first client in Asia to truly deliver this across their whole business as one environment, encompassing six different user groups that comprise technical, business focused and managerial consumers of the data.”

ITRS has recently added staff and services to its Hong Kong and Singapore offices to better support its growing number of clients in the region. As the market evolves, ITRS will continue to work with the NSE on the Geneos implantation to meet its changing needs.