DMS 2013 - Beyond EDM: From Data Management Platforms to Business Applications


Hosted by AIM Software

This workshop will discuss:

  • The difficulty of demonstrating return on investment from broad EDM initiatives
  • The trend toward a more tactical approach to data management, focused on targeted business applications that bring immediate returns for business
  • The emergence of software vendors as partners capable of offering end-to-end applications
  • How AIM Software’s targeted business applications can help solve real business problems
  • How AIM’s approach handles the full range of data management challenges, from traditional EDM projects to agile fast-track implementations based on key capabilities

Case Study: How AIM’s new approach to data management has benefited Bank Sarasin – Presented by Robert Hofstetter, Director & Head of Securities Markets, Data & Control, Bank Sarasin and Howie San, Global Domain Manager for Data Management and Connectivity, SimCorp.


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