A Story of Digitalisation and Transformation

Blog entry

Digitalisation is at the top of the agenda at many large capital markets firms, but how can it be achieved without disruption and with outcomes that benefit your clients, staff and stakeholders? Suvrat Bansal, head of innovation and chief data officer, and managing director at UBS Asset Management, shared his experience of leading a major digitalisation programme at the asset manager during an opening keynote presentation at A-Team Group’s recent Data Management Summit in New York City.

Bansal detailed how he is approaching and implementing digitalisation across the firm with a focus, in line with UBS Asset Management’s long history, on providing innovative investment products and services for clients, and improving client service. The data strategy involves people and information, and is designed to equip staff with the digital information they need, when they need it and make everyone more productive.

To create an inclusive programme, Bansal decided on a relatively simple and easily understood implementation policy. The policy creates central capabilities in analytics, master data and data governance. These capabilities are then offered to business and functional leaders for their digital transformation efforts prioritised by value drivers. The goal is to provide access to the central capabilities in data and technology, empowering divisional leaders to develop digitalisation in their areas.

The programme is investing in new technologies where appropriate and making best use of open source solutions. It is also looking actively at the integration of alternative data to drive new products and services, but only if they work for the firm’s investment products and clients.

You can find out more about the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation, and UBS Asset Management’s programme, by listening to the podcast of Bansal’s keynote from the Data Management Summit.