SmartStream RDU CEO Peter Moss Details How to Develop an Effective Data Strategy

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Is your firm’s data management strategy effective, or is it holding back your business? And what should you do if your firm’s strategy isn’t delivering excellent customer service both internally and externally, or is falling short of the regulatory requirement to provide full visibility into systems, processes and data?

Peter Moss, CEO of the SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU), addressed these and other data strategy issues during a keynote presentation at A-Team Group’s recent Data Management Summit in New York City. He considered today’s data management challenges, the problems presented by sourcing data from single or multiple vendors, and the growing difficulties of working with ageing enterprise data management solutions with many manual exceptions and workarounds.

Countering these data and solutions issues, Moss emphasised the need for data strategy based on a strong master data foundation and a transition from sometimes dated enterprise data management systems to the next level of data management, the utility model.

To find out how to improve your data management strategy and tackle today’s data management challenges listen to the podcast of Peter Moss’s keynote presentation.