Financial Data Marketplace Intrinio Adopts Open-Source Global Identification Standard

News Wire

Intrinio, a financial data and app marketplace, today announced it has adopted the open-source global identification data framework, the Financial Instrument Global Identifier (“FIGI”), for all listed securities in its coverage. All Intrinio data feeds on the marketplace are now integrated with the FIGI identifiers enabling more consistent and higher quality financial data without requiring the use of expensive proprietary security identifiers.

Leveraging, Intrinio has linked all its financial data feeds (more than 30 global exchanges, over one hundred thousand securities from multiple market data providers) with FIGI identifiers to eliminate redundancy, streamline workflow, and reduce risk. Through this integration, Intrinio joins the movement to promote open symbology by using FIGI as the backbone of its security identifier and security master system. The OpenFIGI API is completely integrated with the Intrinio API, providing mappings between other identifiers to the FIGI identifier. Financial data, such as historical end-of-day stock price data, is retrievable from vendors like Exchange Data International using the FIGI identifiers to ensure specificity and accuracy.

Intrinio provides dozens of a-la-carte financial data feeds on its self-serve marketplace. These feeds include fundamentals, economic data, insider transactions, institutional holdings, executive compensation, stock prices, options prices, and earnings estimates. Intrinio’s mission is to make this data affordable, but it also places emphasis on accessibility and quality. OpenFIGI ensures that, when a user of the Intrinio API requests data about any of the securities in its coverage, the correct information is returned as represented by the source or the market data vendor.

“Discovering and integrating OpenFIGI has completely transformed our architecture,” said Joey French, President of Intrinio. “The number of data feeds on the Intrinio Marketplace is growing exponentially. With each new data set we add, the complexity of identifying the underlying securities grows. Integrating FIGI has ensured that we keep a clean security master and continue to deliver quality, organized data to our users.”

Richard Robinson, Head of Industry Relations and Strategy for Open Symbology said, “Firms like Intrinio are transforming the financial data space using modern methodologies and tools. The OpenFIGI framework is meant to enable these exact kinds of advanced data management needs while providing seamless integration into existing legacy data structures and ensuring data quality.”