NeoXam Density Reinforces Econopolis’ Client-Centricity and Compliance Excellence

News Wire

NeoXam, a leading provider of data management and transaction software solutions dedicated to the financial industry, announced today that Econopolis, the Belgian-based wealth and fund management firm, has selected NeoXam Density to replace the firm’s incumbent Front to Middle Office solution.

As a next-generation wealth and asset manager, Econopolis has always placed great importance on transparent reporting towards its clients across different communication channels. NeoXam’s solutions will assist Econopolis in promoting a client-centric digital-first solution to wealth management. It will enable Econopolis to further expand its activities in an operationally efficient manner, with seamless connections to its various service providers (brokers, custodians and data vendors). The implementation of NeoXam’s platform also ensures that Econopolis is already well positioned for the additional regulatory requirements imposed by MiFID II.

This new reference further consolidates the group’s solid footprint in Europe, being its first Belgian client. It clearly demonstrates the relevance of NeoXam’s Front to Middle offer.